The coolest guy on the planet
SEO EXPERIMENT - By Mike Filsaime

Dear SEO Enthusiast,

There is a reason why this article is called:
SEO EXPERIMENT - The coolest guy on the planet - By Mike Filsaime

In fact there is a reason why I have it listed in the title and in the first line of this article. There are also reasons why I mention it many times in the article next to my name.

This article is a case study in progress. You see, I met up great top SEO genius. his name is B r a d F a l l o n.  (Reason for spaces below.)

I will refer to him as BF from now on.

BF has a site for wedding favors that is ranked #1 for , Yahoo, and MSN for the terms wedding favors and wedding gifts. BF also has a course called stomping the search engines. It talks about the importance of getting quality links back to your site to increase your page rank and overall rank position.

Now, I Mike Filsaime, do not claim to know anything about SEO. But at the time of this article writing, Thursday, August 4th, 2005 : 11:13 PM EDT, BF is also number one for the search term:

"  The coolest guy on the planet  "

- Go to and do a search on that phrase. I would bet he is still number one. I have seen many people slide from the 2-10 position, but BF, the SEO genius is still number 1.

You see, BF and Mike Filsaime met in Las Vegas. And we were at a casino playing Blackjack. And I heard him say to a lady dealer, I am "the coolest guy on the planet." And then he said, no really, type it in Google, and you will see I thought he was joking. But then later I saw he was not. Then I found that there is a club of SEO guru's all fighting for that #1 position for "the coolest guy on the planet." But no one could knock him off.

So I told him I was going to get the domain names and we both ran up to our rooms and I went to and beat him and then got an alternative domain as well. Man was he mad. But I still had to do stuff with it.

So I wanted to try. Yes me, Mike Filsaime wanted to be "the coolest guy on the planet." So I registered two domains on July 6th, 2005.

Now, the reason I am using BF and not his real name is that I am competing with him in this race to the top spot and I do not want to help his ranking. But I am using the term often in this article i.e. Mike Filsaime is The coolest guy on the planet, or The coolest guy on the planet is Mike Filsaime so that the keywords are added through out the article next to my name.

So now, 1 month later, I have the domain name, and as write this article, I am ranked as follows for :

the coolest guy on the planet

Aug. 4, 2005 - 212,000 listings
# 277 (Page 28)-
Not listed -
BF #1

Aug. 4, 2005
Not listed -
Not listed -
BF #3

UPDATE: July 16th, 2006

Depending on the search with "the" or not using "The" both domain now show in the Top 5.. BF still #1

O.K. so now, to see if articles really work and the back-links as well. I am going to post this article on my site and see if I can get links back to it by also posting it to article submission services. Then as you read this, you can see the stats above and see if we moved up.

Please help the cause by linking to

here is html you can add to your site. Please feel free to change the text of the link.

I hope to see that this does work to improve the ranking. Then I will write another article about the results. But at least as you read this you can track it for yourself to see how well the articles have helped make Mike Filsaime, the coolest guy on the planet.



Mike Filsaime
The Coolest Guy On The Planet

The Coolest Guy On The Planet

Not The coolest guy on the planet
Not the coolest guy on the planet

The Coolest Guy on the Planet! Is it Mike Filsaime?

Why ask this?  Because it's clear that B r a d F a l l o n is The Coolest Guy on the planet,

and since Mike Filsaime is not an SEO Expert like B r a d, it would seem that just asking the question is interesting.


If by some fluke  thinks that Mike Filsaime is the Coolest Guy on the planet, well  I think it would be pretty cool, but when you're not yet rated

The Coolest Guy on the Planet, you've got nowhere to go but up...

Where would we be on this planet if not trying to be the coolest guy. A n d y  J e n k i n s  and B r a d  C a l l e n  would agree I am sure.